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The Intake and Consent forms we provide are not intended to be used as legal advice and should not be relied upon in any way.  We make no representation to the accuracy of them. Only you and your attorney can decide what Intake and Consent forms should be used in your business.  The insurance policy company requires signed Intake and Consent forms to be used for your services.  In no event shall the owner(s) of this website, its employees, directors, officers, shareholders, affiliates, and successors be liable to any party for any consequential damages resulting from reliance on the Intake and Consent forms provided including, without limitation, lost profits, damage or expense incurred by any use the reader may choose to make of these Intake and Consent forms. Said consequential damages include direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages.  Further, these warnings may not be used or referred to by any party who has not acquired our permission by entering their email address.  This site and it's contents are to be used only by the insureds of the website owner(s). 

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